Import NAV account statements

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Are you or your employees still typing out endless bank statements?
Or do you still spend a lot of time checking the electronically read account statements and ask yourself why you have to spend so much time maintaining what should be automatic?
Let our automatic bank statement scanner do the work!
This attempts to recognize invoice numbers and customer numbers very successfully, even if they are not fully specified. It does not need labels or search texts such as Rg. and Rech. and RE: and so on as identifiers for an invoice number, not even for the customer number.
If it has learned a customer number once via the invoice number or the customer number from the transfer text or by manual entry, the recognition is saved.
This means that Navision can now identify transfers from this customer or debits from this supplier, regardless of whether the business partner has even entered any meaningful texts in the transfer text! This means that Navision is technically far superior to the bank statement in terms of recognition and pre-account assignment.
As there are often only very few open documents per customer, Navision can then also very reliably recognize the correct open item, if necessary "guess".
Customers and suppliers are recognized fully automatically at > 80% (typically: 90%) after training (bank data for one month can simply be imported once),
the correct open items are then also typically assigned correctly by more than 80%. As a side effect, many cost postings (e.g. pension fund, gas station billing, energy deliveries, telecommunication) can also be automatically assigned to the correct G/L account. Overall, the time for posting bank documents is usually reduced by more than 50%, depending on the number of bank postings. With 100 postings per day, a time saving of over 80% is possible; the more postings, the greater the saving.
And the whole process is even faster than the original Navision routines. 
You have no set-up work yourself, we take care of the set-up and training for you.