NAV Collective Purchasing invoice

Nav123: Navision, Showare, OrderApp

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Do you work with the purchasing collective invoice function of Navision ("Get deliveries")? Then you have surely often asked yourself why
a) it's so slow and
b) it's so complicated.

It doesn't have to be like that!

Collect shopping lines, my answer to these questions, takes a completely new approach to this topic.
In one to a few seconds, this function collects all open, not yet invoiced deliveries of a supplier. With the push of a button you select single lines, all lines of a document or all lines.

You can see the resulting final amount directly on the screen, and you can change the quantities per line until you have mapped the supplier invoice 1:1 with just a few clicks.

With a simple OK you now create a purchase invoice from it, in which you can still correct errors, e.g. delete individual items again because you want to shorten the invoice.

Thus, you will save enormous time in purchasing collective invoice, and again have fun with the much faster and much easier way of working.