DPD packaging with old (2009 etc.) Navision and EPL

Nav123: Navision, Showare, OrderApp

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With the switch at DPD, it was a bit like Christmas: Everyone knew it was coming, but then it arrived all too quickly.

And then DPD also has quite unconventional documentation, test environments, and most importantly, a very unique XML soap format for the Shipment Service.

Prepare yourself for a fun adventure if you want to make your old Navision (from version 3.0 upwards, so Navision 3.01, 3.60, 3.70, the 4 versions, 5 and especially of course the best version ever, the 2009R2 🙂 ) fit for DPD via SOAP XML interface....

Or take my interface! With this you use the above mentioned old Navision versions (there is no old Navision!) directly from any Navision workstation to the DPD web interface, ask for the authentication token via SOAP if necessary, and then use it to address DPD's ShipmentService. Navision then gets either a PDF or a ZPL label printer file back, which can also be converted into an EPL label if desired. And you will get rid of the crazy driving error soap:Client
Error reading XMLStreamReader.
If you have that, a little advice: output the XML file to DPD line by line. But if you have don't know what to do with the error The length of the text string exceeds the size of the character buffer. then you should call me

This interface is not to be integrated "out of the box", but after consultation and your requirements and your situation. Just contact meif you also want your Navision to talk to DPD via the web interface.