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Software restrictions policies are the Swiss army knife against Trojans on the PC. It is particularly easy with the https://www.heise.de/download/product/restrictor

Epson printers and Software Restriction Policy SRP (Whitelisting) do not like each other! For example the WF7620. The solution is quite simple (but not pretty!):
The Epson printer drivers, especially those that use the Universal Printer Driver, want to execute a DLL in the program data folder program folder..

Option a): Add DLLs to the exceptions. However, this is extremely dangerous, as some Trojans are based on creating DLLs and integrating them.

Besser: C:\ProgramData\EPSON\EPSON Universal Print  Driver\Language\0407.E_WIA0EE.DLLund C:\ProgramData\EPSON\EPSON Universal Print Driver\Language\0407.E_WIHK0E.DLL in die zusätzlichen Regeln mit aufnehmen.

Depending on the printer, these can also be other DLLs in the subfolder C:\ProgramData\EPSON\. It is best to check what DLLs are lying around there.