Migrate HS wages

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Hamburg software payroll / payroll move to a new computer.

You will need: Your contact details. You will usually find this on a letter from the HS with the heading "Your contact details".

Required: Username and password.

Please go to the URL : HTTPS://hamburger-Software.de/support/customer-area/program-update

You may have to log in with your user name and password on the Hamburger-Software.de page at the top right.

Under the link above you can find the current software version under "Program status". Find the correct version, download and install it.

You can then update your license in the software under Extras / LicenseCenter. For this you also need your contact data from above.

Moving the database:

Copy the databases (*.db and *.log, mostly hsbspla.db, hsbspla.log, lohn.db, lohn.log) from the QUELLcomputer (often in c:_HS data) to the target computer, preferably in the same directory.

hsbspla are the Hamburg software BeiSPielLohnAbrechnungsdaten, i.e. the demo database.
"The other" databases, e.g. LOHN are the real databases.
On the TARGET computer, go to File/Catalog/Create.

Data source name: HSLALOHN (the file name of the payroll database without extension, preceded by HSLA (HamburgerDoftwareLohnAbrechnung). Thus, HSLA +wage.db becomes HSLALOHN

Description: Any comment

Operating mode: In most cases probably single user. If you use HS-Lohn in multi-user mode (on different PCs!), then client-server.

Then Apply, Connection test, Save. For the connection test you already need a valid password of the payroll database.

Exit HS-Wage once and restart. HS now asks for the connection: Select the connection and check the box "Use selection every time the application is called". HS Lohn will now open on the new machine as usual.

Export HS-Lohn payroll data to Navision incl. cost centers and cost objects check once:

Transfer accounting / bookings (small waiting time)
(As a test, a past statement can be accessed here).

The settings for the HS wage output to Navision can be set here:
Extras/Settings/Data exchange/Posting transfer.
"Normal Settings":
Transfer of accounting records: Booking data and booking list
Procedure: HS Export
Export file: Exchange directory, must be the same as the directory in Navision Microsoft Dynamics NAV / 365 / Business Central.

File format FI.DF-Format