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The app is set up with a control file in plain text format.
You can send and receive the data in a freely selectable encoding, e.g. CP850 (DOS), ANSI, UTF8... Also the separator is freely configurable, so you can really use this app with any ERP quickly and easily. Here is an example for CP850 and tilde as text separator. This allows you with little effort to connect the app with Navision, SAP, Sage KHK, AS/400 or even simply with Excel.
You have never put a trading software into operation easier and faster!

Customer:20000~Herbert Mller KFZ Technik 35 +4956088908909~Straußengasse 15 ~01108 Dresden~040ßengasse 15 01108 Dresden~0~0~1~
CustomerInfo:20000~Tel: 040 564564321~
CustomerInfo:20000~E-Mail: E-Mail~
CustomerInfo:20000~Internet: Homepage~
CustomerInfo:20000~Aktueller Saldo: 18.961,91~
CustomerInfo:20000~Kreditlimit: 0~
//OsItem:CustomerID~GroupID~ItemId~Unit Code~Unit Text~Description short~Currency~
OsGroup:20000~BUERO~Bürobedarf (7)~~
OsItem:20000~BUERO~BK-GR-KU~TSD~Tausend~(0,001 Bestellt)Büroklammer groß Kupfer ~€~0~
OsItem:20000~BUERO~BK-GR-ST~TSD~Tausend~(0,003 Bestellt)Büroklammer groß Stahl ~€~0~

The app fetches this file itself via FTP, e.g. from a simple Fritz box or FileZilla server with a fixed IP in your house. Sie brauchen keine Cloud, keinen externen Dienstleister. You don't have to leave your valuable data with a stranger. Of course, you can also use an external FTP server.


A single parameter string is sufficient to connect the app to the control panel, e.g. for the demo data:×200&data=Ordersatz;FTP01;;ordersatz;kennwort;demo;
The created QR_Code can be easily photographed with the app.

Just take a photo
and the app will get
all the setup data from your server.

You can also simply send this short parameter string by mail. On the tablet or cell phone, this can then be entered into the app via copy & paste. The app gets everything else from the setup file, incl. language, address, menu labels, images, etc..

You can also create the control files with a text editor or with Excel if necessary. Getting started with your own app has never been easier!

The app either transfers the orders back to the head office via FTP or prints them out on any printer connected to the cloud (Epson Cloudprint, HP print everywhere). For this purpose, the print forms can be provided via an Excel template that is easy to set up. It is also possible to send the order by mail!
A signature captured during the order process is automatically integrated into the printout by the app.

Example of an order file as returned by the app:
Record type S=Status, H=Header, L=Line. In the lines you will find the article number, the quantity, discount in % and the final price.

S~Datenbestand: 16.08.18 21:05:13~Import-Start: 16.08.18 21:09:52~Import-Ende: 16.08.18 21:10:08~APPVers: 2.12.51~IMEI: a88e51e177fdbe0b~BestellNr: 2~
K~20000~Herbert Müller KFZ Technik 35 +4956088908909~Straußengasse 15~01108 Dresden~16.08.18 21:16:00~ Z~BUERO~BK-GR-KU~1~0~0,002340~