NAV Navision under Windows 10

Nav123: Navision, Showare, OrderApp

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Compulsory for an update?

There are definitely good reasons to continue working with your "old" Navision!

  • You are used to it. The "new Navision" is practically a fresh start for all employees.
  • It is fast (no subsequent Navision version is so quick and easy to use!)
  • Can be operated entirely with the keyboard! Even if you have only memorized 8 keys, this already gives you an enormous speed advantage over mouse pushers - and it's healthier for your arms and hands to boot.
  • It is inexpensive, downright cheap compared to a new acquisition. That's why system houses are keen to sell a "new Navision".
  • It is maintenance-free. An SQL server always needs a little care and attention to keep it running reliably. The native database server (YES! I still recommend it for less than 80 users!) does its job for years without any maintenance. And because there are no more updates anyway, you may no longer need a maintenance contract.
  • It is much easier and therefore cheaper to customize. Where "in the old Navision" you only need a few minutes to adapt a report or a screen page, in the "new Navision (RTC)" you need much more comprehensive training and hours instead of minutes for the same change.
  • GdPDU works in the "old" as well as in the "new" Navision
  • Also report summarized report or UVA per file: Works with the old Navision. In fact, not much has changed at business logic level between 2009R2 and RTC - until today.
  • Excel and Word can be integrated in Navision, in every version since version 4, as well as in the RTC client NAV or Business Central.

Of course, there are also good reasons for using RTC-Navision. The Business Central web client in particular has become - there's no other way to put it - awesome. However, every customization now takes 3-10 times as long - if it is still possible at all. The interface is more modern, the look and feel more Office- and Windows-like.