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Order suggestions should come from the computer!

Here is the operation manual

Endlich wieder Rückstände nachfassen können? Endlich wieder Zeit haben um Preise zu verhandeln? Endlich mal wieder Alternative Lieferanten und Produkte recherchieren können? Aber leider sind ihre Einkäufer im alltäglichen Beschaffungsprozess vollständig gebunden? Weil Sie viel Zeit zur Bearbeitung Ihrer Bestellungen / Ihrer Bestellvorschläge benötigen? Das ist schade… Als Einkäufer nutzen Sie Ihre Zeit viel effektiver, wenn Sie z.B.

  • Find alternative suppliers
  • Negotiate better prices
  • Increase delivery quality
  • Cultivate supplier contacts.
  • Neue interessante Produkte finden

…Oder auch notfalls Kaffee trinken. Nur eben keine langweiligen Routineaufgaben erfüllen, Tag für Tag. Überlassen Sie es Business Central bzw. Navision, die Fleißarbeit zu erledigen. Und kümmern Sie sich wieder um Ihre unbezahlbare kreative Kopfarbeit.

Wenn Sie Ihr Tagesgeschäft damit verbringen, immer und immer wieder die gleichen Handgriffe vorzunehmen, und Ihre Kunden trotzdem regelmäßig Rückstände hinnehmen müssen, so ist es dringend an der Zeit, hier etwas zu ändern!

In times of Navision it was still quite easy to come up with “reasonable” order suggestions. Lot size, main supplier, minimum stock: the order proposals and orders generated by Navision were not very smart / intelligent, but basically already usable.

Under Business Central, the adjusting screws became completely confusing. Hardly any system house manages to use the standard to generate useful order proposals and thus orders straight away. And then Business Central simply deletes orders that have already been placed from the system when a new order proposal is converted into orders. Try the setting lot for lot on the item card in Navision & Business Central ... or topping up to maximum stock ... The options are clearly labeled ... and yet they practically never produce the desired result.
And these proposals are not that much smarter/intelligent than before, despite all the adjustments. Business Central's entire ordering system now seems to be massively geared towards the American market. At least I like to hope so. Currently, the order suggestions of Business Central are no longer comprehensible for the normal user from my point of view.

Are you struggling with the alternative data in the inventory data ? Are you a little suspicious of the replacement processfixed order quantity„, „replenishment to maximum stock„, „order quantity„, „lot-by-lot"? Mainly because Navision or Business Central - regardless of the setting - never simply replenishes the shortfall, but rather calculates "somehow weird"? Are purchase orders that you have already created simply deleted or changed? You can definitely control this with "Consider inventory" and "planning flexibility“ „none". You can also use "lot accumulation period" and "tolerance period" o include several (mostly not all) customer orders as a total quantity in an order proposal. But experience has shown that in a "normal" operation you will be overwhelmed by the configuration options of Business Central ... and with every new attempt to better adjust these adjusting screws, you will not get the desired and expected order proposals. And certainly not as simple as under Navision / Dynamics NAV.

My order proposal with order optimization inspires you and your buyers with these functions and really "smart order proposals", regardless of which Business Central or Navision version.

Optimale Bestellvorschlagslisten für Navision & Business Central mit allen relevanten Informationen zum Lieferanten auf einen Blick
Optimally readable, automatically generated and easy to edit order proposal (screenshot from Navision 2009 R2 and previous versions)
Order proposal created with automatically determined article statistics in Navision and Business Central RTC from version 2013, 2016, 2018 etc.
  • Lot size optimization: Specify lot sizes, such as carton quantities, layers, package contents or pallet quantities, and Navision will only order multiples of these quantities. No more surcharges for small quantities, faster and cheaper processing in incoming goods. Business Central also reduces costs and ensures safe transport. If, for example, only whole layers of cans or canisters are ordered, this also automatically reduces transport damage.
  • Order range: Let Business Central or Navision automatically determine the Ø (average) delivery times per item and supplier. More accurate than any personal feeling. This way, Business Central finally turns smart when it comes to ordering. And that without artificial intelligence, but cleverly programmed. Navision automatically determines the number of buying customers (the more customers, the more reliable the sales) and the average turnover per period. From these variables, Navision can reliably determine the optimal time to place an order. This makes the unbelievable possible: Reduce your inventory value and thus your capital commitment and increase your delivery reliability simultaneously: Because C-items are automatically stocked more scarcely and A-items are automatically stocked more generously.
In the article database you can clearly view all automatically determined parameters

Fast & slow seller lists: Save yourself valuable storage space by consistently banning bums from the warehouse. An item that is sold once a year, you better not have in stock 10 times. Depending on the delivery time, you should better have it in stock only once or even not at all. Business Central or Navision supports you in making this decision! Remember: storage space costs money! In so many ways. Unfortunately, not every manager or buyer is aware of this. Thus, "business-unfriendly" items really clog up your warehouse and your inventory turnover.

Order value optimization: Let Navision automatically suggest which items you optimally add to an order in order to achieve a minimum order value . Kill two birds with one stone: Reduce your procurement costs and keep useful items in stock! Rule of thumb: Navision & Business Central & Statistics usually knows better what makes sense than your gut feeling. And it is also much faster than “searching by hand”.

Season optimization: Enter alternative statistics periods for seasonal items such as grilled goods, Santa Clauses and Easter bunnies. Never again order a pallet of chocolate Santas on January 3rd just because they've been a big hit in the last 2 months! Learn from Homer Simpson:

Average & calculation is better than guessing & guessing.