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Unfortunately, Microsoft still does not deliver a ready-to-use GDPdU output until today (2020). But this is not witchcraft! And yet many software houses are hopelessly overburdened with it. Perhaps also because of a lack of accounting competence. The GDPdU setup itself is the same for all Navision versions 3.70 and higher, from this version on there is the configurable data export. But only from Navision 2013 / Business Central there is also the Rapidstart module, with which any tables can be exported and imported from Navision. Note: In Navision from about version 2018 on, the RapidStart is called "Quickstart". With this tool you can download my ready definition file from this page here and output your first GDPdU file in less than 4 minutes.

Sie finden hier auch noch eine komplette Einrichtungsanleitung, inkl. Hinweise, wie „sicher“ diese Daten bei Ihren Finanzämtern sind

For Navision versions between 3.60, 3.70 (I think that's when the GdPDU export was available for the first time) and 2009R2 (until then there was no configurable data export for Navision) you have to do this setup manually or order it from me. But this is usually done in less than 2 hours, and is a one-time process.

Required files

The official instruction issued by tax offices as a (poorly) scanned PDF for creating GDPdU files from Navision. Functionally still valid for all versions from Navision 3.70, 2009 (r2), Business Central. With this document you can also do this setup yourself for a Classic Client Navision or for the earlier used TaxAudit software Transdata. Transdata was used for Navision-versions 1.30, 2.01 etc. to output the necessary files from there. Of course, a separate report could still be created for these versions, which simply generates the finished XML files without any setup. Please contact me if needed.

The GDPdU data set definition file (GDPdU.dtd) to import into the data export of Navision or Business Central. You have to add the identifier dtd (Document Type Definition) to the file name after the download.

The package definition for the RapidStart module of Business Central and Navision BEFORE Nav Dynamics 14!

In Nav 14, the data export has been partially changed, so you need this package there. This should also work in later Navision versions (Dynamics) up to about version 2021.

Zur Sicherheit hier noch eine Version dazwischen, für Navision 2015 und damit evtl. auch für nachfolgende Versionen.

Import of the Rapidstart module

  1. Please import the RapidStart file into your configuration packages:

2. accept the packet. the packet contains the necessary definitions for RapidStart itself, and also the user data for the data export.

Wechseln Sie nun in die Navision Datenexporte (in einigen Navision/BC 365 Versionen auch als „GdPDU Definitionen“ bezeichnet)

You will now find 2 exports here:

The dtd file must still be read into both.

Then enter the desired export path, which might be created by Navision during this process if it does not already exist.

Output of GDPdU data for the tax office

Select desired output (Minimal or by FA default with a lot of detail data), then go to Data Set Definitions. Please notice the two different "Export", just to be on the safe side 🙂

Enter the desired period, And OK (CTRL+Enter)

Tip: If you need to output multiple clients / years, then rename the resulting folder right away, e.g. to Client-2017.
Tip: If Navision aborts the export with the error message that the file is too large, split the export, e.g. from 1.1.2017-30.6.2017 and 1.7.2017 to 31.12.2017. There is also a workaround from me with which this error no longer occurs, but this is usually not worthwhile, as this activity is performed too rarely.

There is also a more detailed tutorial on how to output GdPDU files under Navision/Business Central 365 here

Please also note that you must also provide data older than 10 years on request, if you have it!Besides DSGVO, one of the most important reasons for regular database cleansing..