Scheduler in Navision Classic Client until 2009R2

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Have you taken an envious look at the task queue posts ? Your Classic client can do this (almost) as well as the RTC versions!

Depending on the logical and technical Navision version, you already have the project queues in your system. You still need to install a NAS (Navision Application Server)... the first NAS is already included in your license, just for this! If you need help with the installation, please let us know.

However, if the functionality of the project queue (which, by the way, is a rather stupid translation of the solution known in English as a job queue...) is not sufficient for you, or if this has simply not yet been implemented in your Navision, perhaps in the same way as the Excel template control: No problem! Take my scheduler, it can do it even better and more beautifully 🙂

Ansicht vom Navision-Scheduler (Aufgaben Aufrufplaner, Projektwarteschlangen) im Classic Client
View of the Navision scheduler (task scheduler, project queues) in the Classic Client

Start tasks immediately, view past error messages, control time windows according to weekdays and/or times...