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My service

  • I support and repair your Navision setup and correct incorrect / impractical programming
  • I simplify and optimize your workflows and processes
  • I optimize your workflows by shortening and simplifying work steps and eliminating unnecessary queries / messages
  • Fast working with fast programs and optimized SQL settings. And what also helps a lot: training, training, training.
  • I support you in the selection of hardware and software, virtualization and sensible server concepts. Attention! I do not offer any hardware myself!

Support with

  • Workflow organization in financial accounting
  • Optimizing your logistics and stock levels
  • Training your employees and identifying bottlenecks
  • Setting up your asset accounting
  • Streamlining your purchasing and sales processes
  • Embellishing your receipts
  • Introduction of BI business analytics with fast and powerful pivot data from Navision


Dialog partner

Over 25 years of working with Navision ensure that I speak YOUR language and that you can communicate with me! No matter whether you are

  • CEO
  • Warehouse manager
  • IT administrator
  • Sales person
  • Delivery driver
  • Accountant

and need

  • Simplification of accounting
  • new, unprecedented statistics
  • a delivery tour displayed on Google Maps
  • a check of your data backup and working speed
  • a new calculation
  • An understandable guide
  • an archiving solution
  • Help with sticker printing or an entire forwarding connection

from me:
-We do not need an additional management consultant.
-We do not need an additional Software architects.
-We do not need an additional Process organizer.
You always speak directly to our developer. Which will go very quickly based on experience.
We then present you with an idea for a solution in a language you can understand. And, if necessary, create a prototype to test whether the solution is going in the right direction.
If necessary, you will receive process documentation and training during commissioning. This means that there is no friction loss, no translation errors and no repeated queries. If something is unclear to you, ask us; if something is unclear to us, we will ask you.

If required, we can also optimize your server infrastructure, convert it to virtualization, integrate your locations via VPN and RDP, and provide appropriate training in Excel and Word...

We develop Navision around your requirements without losing sight of the standard.

Only Navision. But that 100%