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Navision / Business Central in general

Presentation, training, design, programming, report design (native & RDLC), purchasing, sales, financial accounting, asset accounting, dimensions, cost accounting, warehouse management, production, SCM

Navision 3.53, 3.55, 3.56 Euro

Opening of blocked objects, PDF output, e-mail connection, automation (scheduler), printer definitions, online help, design, training, performance tuning

Navision Financials 2.01, 2.60, 3.01 – 2009R2 C/side C/AL

Design, programming, report design, PDF output, e-mail connection, automation (scheduler), performance tuning on SQL and native server.

Navision 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 MS Dynamics RTC & Webclient

Programming C / Side, C / AL, RDLC.
Cost accounting, warehouse management, production, SCM: training, design, programming, OP Plus setup & operation, various industry modules, speed optimization on SQL (but mostly the errors are directly in Navision and Business Central)

Business Central 2018, Business Central 14 (2019 Spring Release with Extension V2), Business Central 15 (Webclient only) AL

Extensions Design AL (extensions V2), programming, report design AL, report design RDLC.
(Attention! No Extensions V1. Nobody deserves this loss of time in your life.). Accelerate queries, reports, pages.

SQL Server

Performance Troubleshooting, Planning & Configuration,
Correct parameterization of the SQL Server in the Dynamics Navision & Business Central environment (usually the problem is not the server, but the programmer, when Navision is slow!)


Navision/Business Central Design/ Programming,
Navision/Business Central SQL Performance Troubleshooting

Various training courses for Navision

Performance troubleshooting under MS-SQL, RDLC training, AL development (Business Central)

Curriculum Vitae (CV)


General high school diploma (Abitur / A-Levels) in Kassel, plus technical diploma in economics and accounting including IT courses (dBase, Clipper, Basic).
Then as well as today, the Friedrich List School is one of the few schools in Kassel and North Hesse / South Lower Saxony that has already recognized the great importance of IT and business. IT courses, economics, accounting and advanced mathematics courses were closely interlinked.


Studies of business informatics.
In the 90s, this very practically oriented course in Fulda, the heart of Hesse, near Kassel and Frankfurt, was still a rarity in Germany. Business mathematics, stochastics & statistics were closely connected with the basics of EDP and programming as well as with practice-relevant topics of business studies. Purchasing (procurement), warehouse management (materials management), financial accounting were part of the training. Borland's Turbo Pascal laid the foundation for Navision, Financials, Dynamics and Business Central. At the same time, I “worked” in the administration of a large car dealership in Kassel / North Hesse. There I gained my first experience with Comet on Siemens Nixdorf / Quattro 8870. And associated with it my first experience in structured Business Basic.
(Have you ever noticed how similar Navision & Comet are? Function keys, query procedures, data model: You can quickly see that Navision has copied a lot from the top dogs Siemens Nixdorf and Comet at the time. Even the keys F3 for new and F4 for delete ...)


Professional training as an industrial business management assistant in Witzenhausen (Hessen, near Kassel) and Kirchgandern (Thuringia).
Independent installation of Navision 3.53 (the "blue" version) in the training company (purchasing, sales, materials and warehouse management, financial accounting)


Head of "Software & Development", Ima Systemhaus Kassel (later Bechtle Kassel).
Approx. 80 Navision projects of versions 2.01b through 3.01, 3.70, 4.01 up to version 5.
Of these, I had 28 projects in 1999 alone (changeover to the new currency EURO). Mr. Volkenandt, managing director of Ima Systemhaus Kassel, was thus the seller of the year 1999. Supervision of complete product life cycles from acquisition including show programming, requirements analysis, optimization, advice / consulting, functional and requirement specifications, implementation including training and after-sale support. Training of own programmers / consultants.
Active area served: Of course Kassel (state triangle Hesse, Lower Saxony, Thuringia), but also all of Germany, with a focus on Baden-Württemberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Kassel, Ruhr area & Bavaria (including Munich). Various systems were replaced by Ima Systemhaus Kassel (and thus by me), including HS Hamburger Software, Siemens Nixdorf Quattro 8870 Comet, Excel and Access solutions developed in-house, and Kienzle booking systems.


Head of Development at a major wholesaler for compressed air and hydraulic supplies in Hesse.
Complete development of a PLC-connected warehouse control with container conveyor technology, pallet conveyor technology, small parts picking, scale-controlled storage and retrieval, MDE integration for large parts, shop connection and PIM in Navision. Based on the PIM, an electronic catalog set was created with Leaflet/Speedcat . Connection of the Schäfer Connector for EDI transactions. Creation of a BME-CAT catalog directly from Navision from the PIM. Preparation of electronic catalog sets from the PIM system I developed.


Professional training MCSE


Self-employed freelancer as Navision or Business Central Consultant (consultant), programmer / developer, trainer (training) from Kassel (Northern Hesse with the legendary ahlen Wurscht- a special salami sausage). Active not only in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but also all over the world. Especially in Asia (Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, China).


Further training, e.g. OP-Plus, certified appraiser, C #, RDLC reporting, Business Central & Navision Extensions V2, training SQL performance troubleshooting ...


(No specific order)

Extruder technology

Melsungen / Hesse (near Kassel) (with a permanent contract at a system house).
Creation and integration of Navision in the production planning and production process control of an extrusion plant (manufacturing of technical threads and other extrusion products) including real-time connection of a dBase IV database (reading + writing) in Navision. The Clipper source code was not available, the new introduction was created solely by analyzing the existing documents and evaluations.

Production planning for foil processing

Thuringia / Hesse (with a permanent position with the end-customer).
Navision 3.56 based personnel time recording including vacation and sickness recording, transfer to KDV Kanne payroll. Order planning for mass products including Gantt chart (PPS developed in-house under Nav 3.53 / 3.56). Label printing with large characters (actually not possible under 3.53 / 3.56). Graphic Gantt diagram representation of the planned production orders, retrieval and booking back of the actual times, actual quantities, downtimes according to error code, graphic evaluation of downtimes & productive cycle numbers according to machine (groups), shift & machine operator.
Later porting of these functions to Financials 4.03, later expansion of these functions for the 2nd production site with contract manufacturing (small batch numbers).

Production planning for foil processing

Kaufungen (near Kassel) / Hesse with permanent employment at a system house, Stendal / Saxony-Anhalt.
Creation of a PPS solution on Navision 2.01b for a multi-level / multi-site solution, with the integration of MDE devices for production data acquisition and production time recording.

d.velop archiv solution integration

Ruhr area / North Rhine-Westphalia, Kassel / Hesse with a permanent position at a system house.


Hessisch Lichtenau / North Hesse with a permanent position at a system house.
Replacement of HS financial accounting (Hamburg software).

Paper trade
Craft supplies

Kassel / North Hesse with a permanent position at a system house and as a freelancer.
Replacement of a Siemens-Nixdorf Quattro (8870) & Comet solution with extensive graduated pricing across product groups and across product group boundaries. Replication of Comet calculation errors in Navision ("Because it should be the way it always was."). A transition from Comet to Navision was so easy, among other things, because Navision copied a lot from Comet at the time: pricing, key assignments (F3 = new, F4 = delete, F5 = overview (list)). Also helpful was the fact that Navision, just as usual with Comet and Business Basic, always supplied the source code and thus allowed unlimited adjustments to the inventory management and financial accounting. And last but not least, the free cursor movement across the entire screen - still a bit jerky with Comet, perfected with Navision. The replacement (refactoring) of this legacy programming took place without analyzing the Business Basic source code, but purely by analyzing the existing documents and evaluations.

Textile solution, Variants

Tyrol / Austria as a freelancer.
Conversion of a TEXcom (Prosoft) textile solution with intensive use of variants to an EDIfact / App / Shop-compatible flat article structure under Business Central, Data-extraction & converting including Interface to Diamant G/L from Diamant Software. Generating of picturized Orderlist, my own Order App and Shopware Interface. Connection of Orlando financial accounting to Navision / Dynamics NAV.

Purchasing association / association headquarters, central government

Kassel / North Hesse, with a permanent position at a system house and later as a freelancer
Viersen-Willich / North Rhine-Westphalia.
Fast entry of central billing documents, automatic through-billing to members.

Cardboard and paper web production

Goslar / Lower Saxony with a permanent position at a system house.
Direct proportional display of variable cutting paths (water jet cutting technology) in Navision (graphic display without external plug-in).

Label printer

Various projects throughout Germany, both as a system house employee and as a freelancer.
Label printers such as Apollo Cab, Zebra, Epson, as side printers, behave differently than normal mosaic printers (inkjet, laser printer). For a good quality they have to be addressed e.g. in EPL2, EZPL, Sato (SBPL).

Mattress manufacturing

Kassel / North Hesse both as a system house employee and as a freelancer.
Recursive automatic bill of materials debiting (simplified production),
Call center management and call allocation via Navision, call accounting, import of mass contacts with duplicate monitoring, scheduling of field staff.

Construction solution,
Electrical trade

Kassel, Korbach / North Hesse as a system house employee.
GAEB input and output including the maintenance groups,
Data standard readouts and readings (interfaces),
Material surcharges such as copper surcharge, replacement of individual programming in (Turbo) Pascal without available source codes.

Set of classified ads

Kassel / North Hesse as a system house employee.
Intent, approximate placement of classified ads and free format ads, administration of ads, invoices, direct debits of ads in Navision, provision of a web interface for classified ads.

Consumption billing

Korbach / North Hesse as a system house employee.
Meter billing (electric, water, gas, etc.) including automatic & virtually dependent meters ("stall water") including meter maintenance intervals.

Medical wholesale

Hess. Lichtenau / Hessen as a system house employee.
Comparison of prices against the Lauer tax, inventory via offline scanner, automatic faxes and emails of offer prices to customers and other interested parties.

Packaging solution

Krefeld / North Rhine-Westphalia as a freelancer. Repair of a packaging solution from Acadon, restoration of usability. Establishment of a purely Navision (Dynamics NAV) -based PDA solution. Establishment of a purely Navision-based customer online access for lot management, pick-up orders and other driving orders. Creation of a transport order management.

Purchasing association

Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hamburg, Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Lower Saxony, Thuringia as a system house employee, later further support as a freelancer.
Conversion of 24 independent association members with 18 different legacy systems (different old systems), including e.g. Beefware inventory management, central invoicing, route accounting, conversion within 12 months including the headquarters with 52 members. In all cases, including the RPG_programs on an AS / 400 (IBM System / 36) at the head office, no source codes were necessary. Only the exportable data tables (partly via serially intercepted print lists) as well as the submitted evaluations and receipts served as the basis for the new implementation under Navision. Many of these Navision 2.01 versions are still running today, over 20 years later, for the most part in the former format.

Food industry
Meat processing

Approx. 24 suppliers to the meat processing industry within approx. 12 months, each coming from different systems (e.g. Beefware, AS/400, Comet solutions...). Later, calculations, parts lists, automatic labeling and warehouse controls for sausage manufacturers in North Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia. Massive support with Foodvision users to get the solution operational on the basis of a 2009 solution.

Field service connection

First solutions in 1998 with an offline Navision database (approx. 30 installations), data transfer also via GSM as packed files via FTP. Since 2017 as an app for Android and iPhoneunlimited offline capability, can be used for field staff and end customers with the same app version and infrastructure (FTP server). Solution can also be used independently of Navision or Business Central.