Nav Attach incoming document files via drag & drop

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Assign incoming documents in Navision via drag & drop

The directory C:\ReceiptImport must exist. This directory is used to control the drag and drop actions.

Via the explorer go to the local drive c:\, right mouse button/New/New folder:

A new folder is created. Rename it immediately to ReceiptInbox:

Provide documents in the Inbox folder from Outlook or other sources: Just drag the file from Outlook or a 2nd Explorer session or wherever into the folder.

Importing files from the Receipt folder into Navision:
Simply drag and drop from the Incoming Documents folder into the Navision Incoming Documents infobox:

Navision checks the correct import. If the import is successful, you will be asked if you want to delete the source file. Yes is preset and can thus simply be confirmed with Enter:

From here on, the attached file behaves like any other document file attached via "Attach file".