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Nav123: Navision, Showare, OrderApp

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Do you simply want to quickly determine working times in production or packaging or other processes? Without having to struggle with RS422, CANbus, iNET, PLC and other production data acquisition technologies?
Simply use my store floor data collection based on Navision. No additional hardware, no separate bus system. Simply screw a simple PC with scanner to the wall, start Navision and off you go.

Do you also use the incoming document files from Navision "a bit" like an archive system? Then the constant selection of a document via the file system is not the perfect tool for you either. Make your work more elegant with my drag-and-drop: Simply drag any file from the Windows file explorer directly into Navision. You can also decide at the touch of a button whether the original should be retained or deleted.

Do you need real online queries from your Navision system for your customers, but on the other hand don't want to simply share your Navision on the Internet? In principle, the Navision web client has been a great function for this since around 2016, but it comes with the risk of Navision or Business Central becoming a point of attack for a hacker attack. My Infocenter completely encapsulates Navision or Business Central from access from the Internet. Navision data can only be accessed from the outside via the releases programmed in C/AL (S/Side); there is no possibility of using SQL injection, parameter overflow or other attack techniques against the Navision or SQL server.