Initial setup Shopware

Nav123: Navision, Showare, OrderApp

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When you first set up Shopware, it seems incredibly complicated and unstructured. What's the reason for that? That the data you have to enter is actually distributed across the entire facilities according to incomprehensible logic.

You set up the logo in the first wizard, the service hotline number in the text modules. The "About us" page is a store page, the "Become a partner" part consists of several text modules.

Categories should be entered before the articles, you can create translations only after saving, ESD articles are made dependent on an article, but for this you must first create a normal article, then make it an ESD article, then in the ESD article of Shopware select the article on which you were just...

If you use my Navision interface, you don't have to worry about all the articles and all the dependencies, including translations, categories, filters and properties: Navision does all that for you!

But... in order to do this, Shopware must first run "per se". Company name and logo should be available, colors are already set, VAT already exist (Navision then later maintains the tax rates per article).

My -almost- all-round carefree package:
You send me the login information for your (preferably new) web presence and I will set up Shopware ready to use for the Navision / Business Central interface.

To do that I need at least the following data:
– Imprint
– Contact information (incl. Service hours, Phone number, E-mail)
– Logo
- Main color (for most texts, links, descriptions), preferably as RGB in Hex
- Secondary colors (for e.g. frames, not active links...), preferably as RGB in Hex
- "About Us" promotional text
- Cancellation policy
- Access data to your web presence (includes the possibility to set up mail addresses, MySQL databases, SFTP access and install additional software).

The effort for this setup including a first shopping environment (will follow as soon as the first articles are transferred) is a flat rate of 2 days.

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes