Copy Electronic Tax Records Files (ETRF) between clients

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Especially if you work with several clients, the repeated setup of the data export is very tedious. As always, if you have to do something repeatedly in Navision, you should stop for a moment and consider whether it could be simpler.

Tip: Since Navision 2015, the RapidStart module is also recommended for this!

With my additional function "Data export definition" you can easily transfer a Electronic Tax Records Files (ETRF) definition from one client to another. 

Read the existing definition from a client:

Export of a Electronic Tax Records Files (ETRF) data record definition via data exports from Navision RTC
Confirmation dialog in Electronic Tax Records Files (ETRF) export from Navision

This file is created, which is also likely to be edited (as useful):

Import into another client:

( There should be no Electronic Tax Records Files (ETRF) setup here yet, otherwise delete! The data are mixed otherwise unpredictably).

Importing the definition file into another client

After that, the same setup is also found in the client that has not been set up so far:

Attention! The dtd file will NOT be transferred!

Please read them from the old client once via DTD file/export and then read them again in the newly set up client via DTD file/import.
Alternatively, you can download the required record definition file (DTD) here: