NAV direct debits

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Since Navision 2017, you can map customer direct debits completely in the standard system. You no longer necessarily need OP+ (OP Plus) or other individual solutions.


Please enter your bank accounts (your own, not those of your customers or suppliers) in Navision (or Business Central) here:

As usual, you can create new bank accounts with CTRL+N (New) and edit existing ones with Shift + CTRL + E (Edit).

Please remember to enter your creditor ID for direct debits!
If you do not yet have a CreditorID, you can apply for one here:

You can enter your single CreditorID for as many of your bank accounts as you like.

The partner type must be set correctly in the customer master data:

It is also important that the customer master data/invoicing/partner type is filled in correctly. "Company" is for B2B (Business to Business) direct debits (which should be desired in most cases), "Persons" is for B2C (Business to Customer) direct debits, i.e. end customer direct debits. These are generally disadvantageous for you as an entrepreneur, as the end customer has up to 6 weeks to return a direct debit.

Please also remember to fill in the mandates correctly. Simply enter a very high value (e.g. 9999) in "Expected number of debit amounts".

Create direct debits

CTRL+F3, Last
After the run, the proposed direct debits can be seen here and can be edited (e.g. delete individual ones) via "Direct debit items".
The direct debits can be exported as a bank file via Export direct debit file. This file can then be imported directly into common banking programs such as VR Networld, Genocash, S-Firm, Starmoney, Multicash... Cotel from Commerzbank should also work, but is outdated. With many banks, you can also upload this file directly in the browser in online banking and activate it with a TAN.
Please save the direct debit file created by Navision (Business Central) in a folder that you can easily find again. Then open your banking program (e.g. Sfirm or Starmoney) and import the created file there.

Post direct debit file

As soon as you have processed the direct debit file in the bank program, you still have to post it in Navision:

Please remember that the number series must be filled out in the selected financial accounting sheet so that Navision (Business Central) can carry out automatic numbering.