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As soon as you deal with dangerous goods or purchasing associations/chains, you will inevitably be confronted with these issues.

Good to know: The adjustments in standard Navision are minimal. All logic is built into the new objects. From Navision 2017 onwards, the whole logic can be built into standard Navision without any intervention. As AL, this will soon be available as a page-effect-free extension.


A customer allows only a limited range of your items for himself. He prohibits other items for himself.

Or you only allow certain articles for a customer. If, for example, you supply the food retail trade with cost articles/consumer articles, you are often only released for a certain assortment ("order set"). It is then your responsibility to ensure that you only supply these articles to such restricted customers. Otherwise, you may have problems with billing.

In Navision or Business Central, you can access the listing (whitelisting, order records) via the customer card/debtor list:

Screenshot of Navision native client for article listing

As soon as you enter any article as "Allowed" for a customer, this customer / client can only buy articles that are listed / entered as "Allowed" for him.

Screenshot vom nativer Navision Client bis zur Version 2009R2 für Artikellistung

If you try to sell this item to a customer that is not listed, Navision or Business Central will give you this error message:


In terms of function, this is comparable to whitelisting ("item listing").

But it's just the opposite. 🙂

You may want to sell to a customer just about everything in your product line except one or a few special items, e.g., no green twine (but all other twine colors), no curved fruit knives (but all other knives), no 25 Ltr. canisters of disinfectant (but all other disinfectants).

The logic is therefore more relaxed than with whitelisting: all items entered as "Prohibited" in the restrictions may be not be bought.

Mapping of the entry of a prohibited article in the restrictions

If non-allowed (listed) items are entered in a quote/order during whitelisting, or if a listed and thus prohibited item is entered during blacklisting, Business Central & Navision reports this with this message:


Restrictions are a bit more complicated. We are talking about items that, due to their nature, can only be sold to customers who are approved for them. For example:

  • Explosive substances such as weapons, ammunition/cartridges
  • Bolt guns
  • Raw materials suitable for the production of explosives, such as cleaning agents or disinfectants
  • Products containing, for example, a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide (pool disinfectant) or acetone (nail cleaner) and ammonium nitrate (basis for e.g. acetone peroxide (APEX) or triacetone triperoxide (TATP)).

If you deal with cleaning agents or other products, you may be affected by these legal restrictions. You must then make sure that your customer (the buyer) is authorized to purchase these products before selling chemical products that are part of the dangerous goods regulation.

In Navision or Business Central, you do this by entering an article for a customer in the restriction list from the articles (article card or article list, sales, restrictions) as restricted .
As soon as any restricted entry exists for an item, such an item may only be sold to debtors listed as "Restricted".

Screenshot of an article listed as "restricted"

Screenshot from Navision and Business Central RTC

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