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Über 30 Jahre Erfahrung bringen auch Sie nach vorne. Mehr Themen? Scrollen Sie bitte runter oder durchsuchen die Menüs.


Ordersatz App

Außendienst, Verkäufer, Endkunden: Einfach und schnell bestellen mit Handy oder Tablet. Mehr Themen? Scrollen Sie bitte runter oder durchsuchen die Menüs.



Shopware und Navision: Ein echtes Dreamteam, auch für Sie! Mehr Themen ?Scrollen Sie bitte runter oder durchsuchen die Menüs.

Often promised, now delivered!

Automatic purchase invoices

Stop typing the same data from your supplier invoices over and over again: you have more important things to do!

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Invoices by mail, scan, app, ZuGpferd, phone...

The second dreamteam!

GetMyInvoices collects and indexes your receipts via AI OCR - even via app. Navision processes them automatically... And you do nicer tasks in the time!

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Navision: May I inspire you too?

Navision/Business Central

For almost 30 years I have been an enthusiastic and committed Navision & Business Central consultant and developer. With experience and curiosity for new things, I also bring you further ahead with your Navision.

Better pick up the phone today than have a problem tomorrow. Your Navision Freelancer from the Vierländereck Hesse, Lower Saxony, Thuringia, North Rhine-Westphalia near Kassel Take me further!

Navision und Shopware

A fantastic team. Of course, I don't rely on file interfaces that have to be adapted all the time. Shopware's REST API is the tool of choice. And... I ONLY do Shopware, but I do it properly....

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Your own order app

Electronic order set, electronic price list, online catalog, self-service app: one app, many functions. Can be used within a week. With pictures, detailed article long texts. Offline capable. Simple file interface. Free demo! For iOS and Android, both for field workers and end customers.

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Do you need assistance in court?

Quite obviously there are still too few qualified Navision experts. According to my research there are only 2 certified Navision experts (including me). With over 25 years of experience in Navision/Dynamics NAV/Business Central and an examination at the FIB I can and may advise you qualified as a self-employed (freelancer) expert appraiser in the environment of Navision, Financials, Dynamics NAV, Business Central.

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ERP Worst Case

Why do projects - not only ERP implementations - tend to fail so often? The answer will surprise you, and you won't like the bottom line. Spoiler alert: It's not always the Navision programmer's fault...

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Buy Business Central

My Navision / BC projects run differently. I like to leave "cheap is cool" to others. Quality has its price - and you have to want to afford it.

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Project support

Maybe you just need some support because you are missing a few hours in your daily business for clean project support or your Navision programmer just needs some fine tuning?

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Kontoauszüge einlesen – mit jeder Navisionversion, auch 2.01, 4.03, 2009R2 etc. Trainingsphase ist in der Einrichtung enthalten, daher sofort Vorkontierungen > 80%, OP-Erkennung darin >80%. Rationalisieren Sie Ihre Buchhaltung!

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Elektronische Belegerkennung mit Get My Invoices (GetMyInvoices, GMI). Endlich wahr, endlich günstig, endlich einfach.

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Ihr Navision nervt Sie? Arbeitsabläufe erscheinen Ihnen zu kompliziert? Fehlermeldungen sind nicht verständlich? Zu viele Rückfragen, zu wenig Produktivität? Auswertungen verleiten zur Kaffeepause? Lassen Sie mich Ihnen helfen! Navision ist KLASSE und die erste Wahl…versprochen!

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Customer projects

Not every customer wants to make his competitive advantage public. Therefore you will find only anonymous project descriptions from me as Navision or Business Central developer, programmer, consultant:

René Thöne
Your Navisionfreelancer. Formerly from North Hesse near Kassel, today near Davao in the Philippines

Contact Navision Freelancer from Kassel/Davao (Philippines)

We solve your Navision task together! Call or email me.

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