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We have put a lot of thought into it so you don't have to. Tip: Just try the app once, you will see that even without any instructions you can cope with it immediately and enter your first order in a few seconds.
However, there are a few features that deserve extra mention. Therefore, here is a detailed guide that will help you introduce your employees and your customers to the app even more easily.

  • Install App
    Please go to "Google Play" for Android devices (such as Pixel, Huawei, Sony, Samsung, LG) or "iTunes" or "AppStore" for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad). Search for "Der Ordersatz 2.0" with this icon:
    Select "Install". The app is generally free of charge, the license costs are paid by the data provider (dealer)! 
  • Basic app setup
    When first starting the app, you can choose between demo mode and QR code. Please select QR code and read the QR code from your dealer. The app will then set itself up with your data. To get to know the app, you can of course also use the demo mode. All functions, texts, possibilities of the app are equipped with demo data here.
  • Internet connection
    The app only needs an Internet connection to update the master data and send the order(s). Otherwise, it runs completely autonomously and without a cellular connection or Wi-Fi, i.e. even in the deepest wine cellar, in cold storage or on the alpine pasture. Orders can also be collected and sent at the next Internet connection or from the next Wi-Fi hotspot.

  • The magnifying glass icon at the top right is used to search in the current list (search for customers, search for articles). It is also possible to search for up to three search parts, so deep print searches for all articles that contain the search term deep and the search term print . You can also switch between group and list view:

This page is still being expanded. However, you can already find the comprehensive instructions here as a Word document: