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Here: Old Navision DVD's Are you looking for an archive/archiving solution for Navision (Dynamics) or Business Central ?
I am also happy to provide modern interfaces for your beloved and stable Navision Dynamics, e.g read bank statements, operate Sepa-version in the year of 2023 and beyond, Submit Intrastat in XML or ZM in the new format or setting your GdPDU up.


Practically all download links that can be found for "old" Navision versions end up either on the Mibuso pages for the W1 version, or on a mbs.microsoft.com/Partnersource link. I've tried dozens... with no success. Obviously these Navision versions should be erased from the collective memory, which I think is a shame!

I'm still excited "as a kid" when I get to work with Navision 3.56 oder Navision 3.53 DOS (was also available for Windows 95, Windows NT, OS/2!! again...
Just like I think Navision 2009R2 was somehow the most beautiful Navision ever. The only thing I missed was: Printing colored text/numbers in the report.

Please don't forget: We are talking about a commercial solution here. Not about a gaming platform with the latest particle & physics engine!
OK, with the DOS-Navision ("Blue Version") you have totry very hard to send e-mails, create PDFs, connect shops... but of course you can do that too, if you really want to!

In 2009R2 (and also in the previous versions 2.01, 3.01, Navision 4, Navision 5, which already run without any problems under Windows 10... by the way: in the DOS Navision from 1993!) I didn't miss anything anymore. It still runs every company smoothly and quickly today. With a few optimizations for the SQL server, even with hundreds of users. If you think the RTC or Business Central web client is fast, you have to watch an accountant at work under NAV! It makes you dizzy...

But I'm disgressing now.
So… There are obviously for these Navision versions from 3.53 to 3.56 to Financials 2.01 to Navision 2009R2 no more download possibilities.

I'm not sure about the legal situation here, so I don't want to offer them for public download. But if you need one of these versions and have a legitimate interest in it (education, new installation, conversions, license holders, curiosity...), you are welcome to ask me. I have the following versions in stock and will be happy to make them available if authorized.

But! Only with the Cronus demo license!

Navision 3.53/3.56 DOS versions (also for Windows NT 6 OS/2)

Unfortunately only the 3.56 version, completely with demo database and Datev converter as well as DART2 Database Recovery Tool and the Navision Nettesttool, with which let's you carry out load tests at network level. And the Navision ODBC database drivers for read & write (!) access to the database.
By the way: From a running Navision 3.5x you can also create the two setup diskettes yourself via "Create program copy" - but then often without the demo database.

Navision Financials

2 Version: Navision Financials 2.00e, Navision Financials 2.01b, Navision Financials 2.60, Navision Financials 2.60F

Navision Attain 3.x

3 Version Navision Attain 3.01 (unfortunately only the client!), Navision Business Solutions 3.70 (first stable version with Automation-Server), Business Analytics 3.70. I think no Navision-name has vanished faster than Attain.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.x, 5.x, 6.x = Navision 2009 R2

4 Version Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0Sp1 (NUR das AddOn-Pack, z.B. für SQL & Business Analytics), Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0 Sp3Hotfix 69, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.03Sp3 Hotfixes 01-11 (03 = ZM 05 = UVA 09 = Elster 11=GdPDU) (die erste Financials-Version, die recht stabil unter Windows 10 läuft…lustigerweise übrigens neben der 2.00e! Schlechte Nachrichten aber für Windows 11: Da läuft (außer der DOS version) keine Navisionversion kleiner als 4.03 HF69.)

5 Version: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 Sp1 (5.0.26084)

6 Version: (Here Microsoft started to include the year in the version for a while) Microsoft Dynamics NAV 6.01 0 Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009R2 (ServicePack 32012, 32539, 33793, 38655, 1097339 (the last version?))

Navision RTC

RTC means Role Tailored Client. Well.. where you were really incredibly flexible in terms of personal customization. And there was finally a new name.

Is anyone still using the Nav 2013? The one without R2? My condolences! For you to feel better: I even know a company that's using the 2009 RTC! I guess they would've also used Windows ME.. too bad hardly anyone will get the joke behind that 🙂

Microsoft Business Solutions NAV 2013 (V7.0, the appropriate Visual Studio (also in the Comunit version) must be installed for report design) ServicePack/Cumulative Update Basis/33781, 05/035201, Cu48/48066, 1322612, 1184331 (Unfortunately I'm not able to the number of the CU at each patch level.)

Microsoft Business Solutions NAV 2013 R2 (V7.2, from here reports can be edited with the SQL_Report Designer) Basis/37221, ServicePack/Cumulative Update 0033781, CU05/035201, CU48/48066, 1322612, 1184331 (Unfortunately I don't have the number of the CU for every patch level. ) Cu52/48824, CU35/46774

Starting with Nav 2015 all versions can also be downloaded via Voice

Microsoft Business Solutions NAV 2015 (V8, the task queues ("Scheduler") are already running quite stably from here, the web client is starting to be usable) CU09/41779, CU10/42222 in the WW version, CU11/42603, Cu47/50585, CU52/51013, CU55 /51329

Microsoft Business Solutions NAV 2016 (V9) Basis 42815, CU40/51014, CU43/51333, CU49/51640, CU52/51742

Microsoft Business Solutions NAV 2017 (V10, the V1 extensions are coming... Anyone who has seriously dealt with it: What a waste of time.) Cu01/14199, CU08/17501, CU27/27716, CU30/29834, CU36/30074

Microsoft Business Solutions NAV 2018 Business Central (V11, the webclient is really easy to use and stable. So are the task queues: Really good allrounder. The V2 extensions show: 1. how it works and are 2. a big sorry for the 2017 version. And there was finally a new name again) CU06/22292, CU14/27667, CU16/29745, CU19/33812

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

This is where Microsoft finally came up with the brilliant idea of simply stamping out a well-known name that had been in place for almost 30 years (since 1993). If only Aral, Nivea, Aspirin, Tempo would come up with this super ingenious idea of just throwing away a name worth billions of euros. I don't care: I still call this Navision.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Navision 2018) (V13). I got totally confused with the numbering in this one. It is important to distinguish between Spring & Fall release, as the technical leaps towards the AL version are immense. CU10/34590 (Spring), CU12/36481 (Fall), CU13/37622, CU34/44952

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Navision 2019 Spring Release) (V14, the last version with C/side, but already with the really good web client. I really like teaching with this, Alt+Q makes it incredibly easy to get into the system, the tooltips have become great & usable. The 2019 Spring Release is for me once again "the most beautiful Navision ever", just like 2009R2). 29537 (Mexico, with QR code generator), 29537 DE, 37587/CU06, 42648/CU12, 45012/CU17

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Navision 2019 Fall Release or Release Wave 2) (V15, from here only AL with Visual Studio. No more modification of the basic application (who will fix all the errors now?). The report development has now finally become unusable. Tip: Me I'm also a Qucamba reseller! This makes report design with RDLC, RTC or AL just as much fun again and is even faster than in Navision 2009R2 times!) 36649, 39040, 44343