NAV MT940 / STA importing statements

Nav123: Navision, Showare, OrderApp

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Also available for the „old“ Navision.
You know how annoying it can be to try scanning statements by using rules upon rules that actually slow down scanning and don’t speed it up.
Our automated statement scanner will make your life much easier.
The software is very successful at attempting to recognize invoice numbers and customers numbers even when they are not provided properly. The software also does not need any texts like „Invoice no.“ or „INV-NO“ or „Cust. no.“ or anything like that.

Once the scanner has learned a customer number from the invoice number or the customer number from the statement text OR by way of a manual entry, the corresponding link is saved. Navision can now identify transfers from this customer regardless of the text of the transaction. In so doing, it is entirely irrelevant for the future whether or not the customer has even entered anything meaningful in the account transfer text.

This gives Navision a huge technological advantage for handling statements. Since in most cases only very few receipts have not been processed for each customer, Navision can then very reliably recognize unprocessed items based d on reading the statement text or, if necessary, by „guessing“.

After training the tool, it will recognize customers and suppliers fully automatically (bank transaction data for one month, which can be imported in a single step) >80% (usually: 90%), 80% of the correct open items are then also typically assigned correctly at a rate of 80%.

As a side effect, most cost entries (e.g. pension fund payments, gas station receipts) can be assigned to the correct account. Overall, the time required for entering bank receipts is typically reduced by 50%, depending on the name of the number of transactions. At 100 bank transactions per day, this may save you up to over 80% in terms of time required to process the transactions.