NAV financial accounting

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Navision has integrated a pretty, if not even the prettiest financial accounting system on the German market. In my opinion, this even applies for DATEV accounting which is often mentioned in this context.

However, the term „integrated“ is a bit misleading: To be precise, all of the features that focus on financial accounting make Navision such a powerful tool in the first place. And that is a major advantage over all of the systems where accounting is connected from a third party source.

Do you currently feel that Navision (Dynamics 365, Business Central) accounting is not very elegant to operate? Then invite me to your company and I will show you how easy it is to work with journals, how you can set up payment suggestions on the customer and vendor side, and you can use the On Hold function to stay on top of items that are unclear.
Depending on what you use the software for, Navision will need some help to run even more smoothly. But I can fix that for you in no time at all!
Drag and drop receipts to the incoming documents area, scan incoming receipts via GetMyInvoices or other scan service providers, incl. pre-allocation to an account. Generate profit and loss statements and financial statements in a vast number of different versions. It is also very easy to verify whether all accounts can be used/evaluated. Turn your Navision into the best version it can be – and don’t to go the unfortunate route of using external financial accounting.
Diamant, Datev, and Syntona from Allgeier all are very nice systems that are great to use and have their benefits. However, I would like to recommend using Navision’s own financial accounting when you use Navision.