NAV fast assistance

Nav123: Navision, Showare, OrderApp

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  • Providing support for and repairing bad Navision setups and faulty/impractical programming
  • Simplifying and optimizing program and work processes
  • Optimizing your internal workflow by using fewer and less complicated work steps
  • Working faster thanks to speedy programs and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Optimizing hardware and software, professional virtualization and server concepts

We support our customers with

  • Programming
  • Training
  • Consultancy services
  • Documentation

We assist our customers with

  • Organizing processes in financial accounting
  • Optimizing your logistics and inventories
  • Training your employees and identifying bottlenecks
  • Learning the ins and outs of fixed asset accounting
  • Rationalizing purchasing and sales processes
  • Making your receipts look appealing
  • Introducing BI Business Analytics with fast and useful pivot data from Navision

Experience based on

  • Dozens of Navision installations we implemented or took over from from third parites
  • Thousands of conversations on defining tasks or describing problems
  • Thousands of implemented adaptations and optimizations that focus entirely on Navision
Over  25 year of experience with Navision help us to speak  YOUR language and you can talk to us at any time.
Are you being urged to update your „goold old“Navision?
Are you a:
  • Managing Director
  • Warehouse manager
  • IT administrator
  • Salesperson
  • Delivery driver
  • Accountant
Then we offer you the following services:
  • Simplifying your accounting
  • A new, unprecedented level of statistics
  • Creating  a map display of your delivery routes
  • Optimizing how your data is secured and your working speed
  • A new calculation method
  • Easy-to-understand instructions
  • Assistance for printing stickers or setting up a full logistics integration
  • Data interfaces/data imports
  • and much more
– We don’t need any other consultants.
– We don’t need any other software architects.
– We don’t need anyone else to organize our processes.

100% focus on Navision.

You always speak directly with the developer and will get results in next to no time.
During the process, we will propose a solution to you that  you can understand. And, if needed, I will set up a prototype for you to see whether the solution is heading into the right direction. If required, I will provide process documentation and training during to you when commissioning your new system. This way, there will be no friction loss, no translation errors, and no need for repeat inquiries. Just ask me if anything should be unclear, and I will not hesitate to ask you if anything should be unclear to me.
Do you need an order app for your end customers or your sales force?
I can also optimize your server infrastructure, virtualize it, connect your locations via VPN and RDP, and offer appropriate training in Excel and Word…
This allows me to develop Navision focusing on your requirements without losing sight of the standard.