Land on Samal

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28.535m²/2Mio (70/m²) Busaon FISH BOND
40.000m²/3mio (75/m²) San Remigio (crossing road)
20.000m²/1.5Mio (75/m²) Tagbitan-Ag, Clean Title
13.563m²/1.3mio (95/m²) Igacos, Kaputian, Sion, Avocado Sion
24.776m²/2.5Mio (100/m²) purok sagrada
9.024m²/1.8Mio (199/m²) Panaplata, 25 min to Barge (tax, Clean Title, flat
9.024/1.8mio (200/m²) Panaplata, 25min to barge at road
15.000m²/3.5Mio (233/m²) Cogon 8mtr. to mainroad Cogon,3.5Mtr Access Road (Secdea, Monford bat Cave)
10.000m²/2.5mio (250/m²) Penaplata 100mtr to Highway
5.070m²/2Mio (394/m²) Toril 15 min to barge (located on Main road)
6.562m²/3.5 Mio (533/m²) Santo Nino (1km to Island ills)
6.800 m²/3.8 Mio (558/m²) San Augustin Davao-View
5.500m²/3.3Mio (600/m²) Mambago A -Water connected (4.000 + 1.500 m²) 10 minute walk from Kaputian Road
900m²/790.000 (887/m²) Babak Miranda poblacion
800m²/4.000 (5/m² ????) Kembali coast Kaputian San Isidro Blk10 Lot2
3.800m²/3.5 Mio (921/m²) Panabo, 3 min. walk to Panabo Road (own access Road?)
916m²/0.9 Mio (982/m²) Cogon
2.500m²/2.5Mio (1.000/m²) mambago-B 4.4Km to ferry
916m²/1Mio (1.091/m²) (Libuak)
2.332m²/2.8Mio (1.200/m²)
1.000 m² / 1.3Mio (1.300/m²) Toril Babak
1.331m²/1.8mio (1.352/m²) Tambo
1331m²/1.8Mio (1.352/m²) Tambo close to ferry
2.332m²/3mio (1.286/m²) Tambo 10 minutes Ferry/Market, power/water.
1.000 m²/1.5Mio (1.500/m²) (no location)
3.050m²/5Mio (1.639/m²) Land with Beach front
1.600/2.5Mio (1.562/m²) (3 parts available) Sitio Bucaran, Toril, babak, 5 minutes to ferry
1.000m²/2.5Mio (2.500/m²) Aundanao Penaplata
562m²/1.967.000 (3.500/m²) Penaplata San Jose (IGACOS)
750m²/2.625.000 (3.500m²) Kaputian, igacos Anonang (-> Talicud)
907m²/5mio (5512/m²) Kembali coast / San Isidro subdivision phase2/blk10 lot1 Pool
750m²/4Mio (5.333/m²) Kinawitnon Beach Lot Clubhouse/Pool ph3 blk2 Lot16 (Subdivision)
250m²/3.8mio (15.200/m²) Island Hills Village, pool (to come)